CELFIELD Investments Ltd. believes in economic progress through innovation and technology, and by using strategies such as the association with public or private enterprises.

CELFIELD Investment Ltd. professional staff is the best due to its career path and its high level of specialization in building technologies.


Celfield Investments Ltd. is a company dedicated to industrial development and it's mission is:

  • Offer services in the field of investments.
  • Advise on design and building projects.
  • Offer consulting services on design, technologies and construction plans.
Celfield Inv. Ltd.


Celfield Investments Limited offer to its clients:

  • Profitability.
  • Industrial competitiveness.
  • Sustainable development of the organization.
  • Adaptability to customer needs.
  • Satisfaction.


Celfield Investments Ltd. specialty is:

Promotion and execution of civil and industrial building projects in different countries in specialized fields (investment, consulting services, real-estate development, engineering, design development, construction and management of equipment supervision), and

On turn-key basis (investment, design, construction and getting into operation civil, industrial and infrastructure projects).


Celfield Investments Ltd. offers to its client a range of products in the area of industrial building, including essential equipment for construction, manufacturing materials, as well as, the necessary machinery for the adaptation to the industrial building in the destination country .


Celfield Inv. Ltd.
Celfield Inv. Ltd.
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Celfield Inv. Ltd.
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